Vid frågor angående volontärarbete på Getaway Rock Festival vänligen kontakta: 

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2 thoughts on “Getaway Rock Festival

  1. Greetings fellow metalheads \m/
    I am a metal fan from Serbia. Last year I have been volunteering at the Metaldays festival in Tolmin and head a great experience there. I would like to expand my festival horizons to further countries and bigger festivals, so I would also like to apply for the volunteering at your festival as well, if possible.
    I have seen your site and enjoy the line up very much. However I cannot understand how to apply for the volunteering sessions. I would be very greatful if you could explain to me how to apply for the volunteering in this years Getaway rocks festival.
    Thanks in advance
    You rock!
    Nikola Filipovic
    Mob: +381 63 163 55 68

    • Hi Nikola!

      To apply as a volunteer for the GRF this summer you first have to create a profile in our volunteer database!
      This registration for the database opens up to morrow around noon and you will find the link to the registration here on the blog, on our Facebook pages and through the website. But this is just the registration for a profile, the applications for GRF opens up in the beginning of June!Before that you can not apply as a volunteer for the GRF! Hope my explanation gave you the information you wanted!

      Best Regards Admin!

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